My last day of freedom, the end of Summer holidays

So the time has some for me to go back to college, yes a month has passed somehow and I couldn’t even notice it with my wide open innocent eyes. Such tragic is life.

End of summer.......

However I might be able to meet most of my friends again. That’s the only bright side I can think of. On the other hand if you ask me, there are a lot of reasons I hate the summer holidays to end. First of all, no more sleeping late; gotta wake up early every morning sharp at 6:30, and then the daily hectic routine will continue. Secondly, I had grown my hair long (not cutting it for two months at least) making it punk rock emo enough to look cool. However, India is India and private colleges here are strict enough to make you maintain a short haircut, unless you are in some other cool college. Thirdly and most important of all, I’m gonna have to cut down on my fun time and increase my study time. Yes, I repeat, such tragic is life. Though the final semester test and university entrance exams are still about nine months late, the syllabus is vast and hard enough to intellectually kill someone.

......back to studying!

However, during this summer holidays, I did start my blog and have started to get the hang of it. I even read many posts of others and was very much awed by them. One particular guy I admire is Scott Berkun ( I found out he is a freelance writer, taking up several writing jobs a day and has a family as well! His schedule is hectic enough for me even to say, but still then he has made a commitment to write one post a day, and in 30 minutes or less. That truly is inspiring! It shows his dedicatedness to his work and on top of that, it also shows his writing skill. I have actually also begun to admire his hectic schedule, believe it or not. There are also a few other people I found through the blog, and they really have a great flair for writing! Thank god for WordPress, I’ve come across such a huge variety of people and their works.

So this is my last day of freedom, in the sense of sleeping late and studying little.