About me

You might be right now wondering…who the hell is this guy? Has he got any good stuff to say and why the hell is he blogging? Just for fun or to share some experiences and adventures of his with the world?

Well, lets start with the introduction.

My name is Shubhankar Nath, and I am from Assam, India. I have completed high-school and am right now in college. The idea of blogging was there in my mind right from the beginning, however I didn’t think I had enough thoughts or writing experience to start writing a blog. However, during this summer break, I got a boost of both experience and confidence in writing skills. I first of all started by reading the other blogs, got some tips, and now here I am writing my own blog with experiences, adventures and sometime I hope to include some modern-day stories as well.

Getting to the point, among many things, I’m an adventure writer, book and movie reviewer, and also occasionally I write about food and travel!

My aim right now for the blog is to create a wide viewership. Please feel free to recommend this to your friends and also do have a read yourself. 🙂


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