We all acquire certain streaks of nature throughout our life. These may be just human evolution or may stem up from real life personal experiences. What are streaks of life? Well it may just that newly acquired anger your close friend just told you about, or that adventurous craze about world trips, trekking, skateboarding what not! The case is a bit more complex in case of stutterers I guess. Stutterers have like an innate ability of concealing (or in some rare cases, even expressing freely) their emotions. This results from a several years of suffering due to the stuttering problem.

Humans are born happy and curious. Nature along with evolution has programmed us to enjoy from the beginning of our lives. If you take a simple case of a young child, you will find that he or she will laugh or enjoy continuously for long periods of time. However this fun tends to subside along with growing age, being slowly replaced by anger, sadness and a host of other emotions. Emotions, that can make someone blissfully happy or utterly sad, have a powerful effect over us. Humans are prone to emotions. A simple joy can make us happy for hours, while the same case occurs for sadness. Though emotions slowly evolve from happiness to anger to seriousness over the growing years, the teenage years are the ones which have a powerful effect on the mind and body. I might sound a bit philosophical, but have patience with me. Coz these are the times when I have a streak of enlightenment. Stutterers on the other hand face a lot of problems over the teenage years, since they are physically unable to speak properly. You can get the dictionary meaning of stuttering here [link]. While normal teens have the capacity to express their thoughts freely, be it anger, happiness, sadness, joy or a variety of emotions, stutterers have to struggle severely in these times. Due to their inherent problem, their emotions get tongue tied, and as a result get absorbed in their minds. These results in a constant build of emotions, waiting for a pent up release. The release of emotions can either make one happy or just the opposite. However, I would not advise any stutterer to pent up his or her emotions. Coz that would just make you terribly unhappy (and also look like some sort of filmy character!)  If you are in high school or college, it would be good for you to take up a cool look. And yes, do find a way to release your held up emotions bit by bit. Find some hobby, take up some adventure, do something fearlessly. Just don’t wait for the catastrophe to happen; catastrophe referring to the liberation of emotions in case of stutterers. It might just make you more depressed in the future and also now.

Long story short, live every moment of life and enjoy it. Be fearless; coz u might (hope not!) stutter for a long time and it might be good help to start conversing now onwards. Try the local shops, or the librarian, or various other characters of the world.

Streaks of life occur in every stage of our life, and it seems to happen frequently in the teenage years; just take in your new found nature, utilize it to your best and try to make it a part of your awesome life.