The Sour taste of Stuttering

There are many sites nowadays devoted to stuttering, its causes and effects…..many are stutterers themselves and some are plain self-help groups. Some are plain shit with people saying that they feel proud to be stutterers. What the hell?! However many do give good advice and truly help other stutterers to feel good about themselves in this messed up world of hostility and competition. On my part , I too hope I can help others in their lives, stutterers and all……

I have been a stutterer ever since I was born, and reading recent articles, I have come of the view that this type of stuttering takes a bit of time more than others to heal. Coming back to my stuttering part, I had some good friends all along my life, even though I did stutter. However school life was a lot worse. Worse in the sense of not being able to communicate properly, and thus I kept quiet. However in the 3rd and 4th grade I was, as far as I remember, magically cured of my stuttering and those might have been some good years of my life. But it did again return on the 4th grade, and has been continuing ever since. The years were rougher than usual for me, as I may imagine for other stutterers as well. Though as much as I hoped to make school captain or sports captain, I knew that these were not possible things for a stutterer. During the years the thing I feared most was talking to people, especially giving oral tests in school. Teachers were of the view that if I read a chapter loud in school, I might slowly be cured of my stuttering. it didn’t work out and instead decreased my moral. All in all, high school was worse to me. But after I got into 1st year of science, things improved…my stuttering decreased a bit and I improved my style sense. after all, I thought, if I looked cool enough, I would pass off as a non stutterer….yes it worked. And I have been living easy ever since, well not as easy as you would like to think, easy in the sense I got  bit relief from ridicule and insecurities of my past. I even found out that listening to music took my mind off stuttering and provided me a much necessary relief…..

Many people are of the view that stutterers are depressed people. Well, the truth is yes, stutterers are a bit depressed because of their speech disability, but on the whole they are not sadistics.

Well this was my sour taste of stuttering,……and it did turn my world upside down. If I would be given a chance to be born again, I would take that chance and be born as a fluent speaker, as Barney Stinson probably 🙂

This is it for now…..i’m  off to my adventures of the daring world. I’ll soon be writing my next post, but don’t worry, it wont be about stuttering every time!!

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